Why Editute?

Below are some of the questions generally asked by visitors of Editute. We decided to post them as FAQ. Still have a question? Use the form below to reach us.

What is Editute?

Editute is a unit of of Vedashree Learning Private Limited which is formed for the improvement of Indian Education system.

How Editute will improve the Education System?

Team Editute believes that, in order to improve Education System teachers shall be developed as teachers are the base of education system.

How will Editute help in developing teachers?

In the era of e-Learning, Editute will help teachers to create their e-content which will help teachers to extend their reach. It’ll also help them in improving their teaching skills by self evalutaing themselves by watching self teaching. Editute will help teachers by developing them as a Brand

Who can join Editute as a teacher?

Editute believs that, the world is made up of only two type of people. One who is teaching and the other who is learning, and those two are interchangeable. Means a teacher might be learning something else, and a student might be teaching something else. So as per Editute there is no specific definition of teacher. You as a “teacher” either can actually be teaching a subject in school, college or university, or you are someone who is earning a living by your skills, like beautician, electrician, chef, hair stylist etc. Other than those, you as a “teacher” can be someone who is really talented at something like mimicry, guitar, singing, dancing etc.

I don’t have any teaching experience. Can I join Editute.

As per our definition of teacher above, if you fall in any of those categories, and have the passion to help others by your knowhow, you are welcome to join us. We believe every experience person had started at some point as a No-Experienced person and Editute is a platform to develop teachers.

When and how a teacher will join Editute?

There is no specific time of the day to join Editute. You can mail/whatsapp/call us anytime, obviously except when we are sleeping.

Is there any fee for joining?

Of-course there is a fee. Most of the good things comes at a price. Yes? But good news is, we do have a free option as well. You can use any of the two options we have.

Editute – Bronze – For details click here

Editute – Gold – For details click here

How much can I earn after joining Editute?

So you want to join Editute for earning? Well we thought you want to do some social work. Just kidding. Earning with Editute is no bar.

I am not from Haldwani, Can I Join? If yes then How Editute will create my lectures?

Yes you can join us with our Editute – Bronze option. Since at present we are currently serving Haldwani and all the video recordings can be done at any of our Haldwani Offices only. In future we plan to expand in your city and then you can join us with Editute – Gold package.

I am a school/coaching center owner, How will Editute helps in my business.

Yes, Editute was formed to improve Education system in our country. And anything that contributes to be a part of Indian Education system, whether it may be a school, college, University, coaching center etc. Editute has always something in bag for everyone. Just contact us to know more how can Editute help you out.



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